Career and Technical Education


The graduate program in Career and Technical Education prepares leaders who are concerned with education and training that enables youth and adults to pursue their careers.

The program serves professionals from the Career and Technical Education curriculum disciplines, guidance and counseling, special education, academic content areas, adult education, training and development, as well as human resource development and management in the public and private sectors.

Conceptual Model

The CTE graduate program is conceptualized within and around the major leadership functions and practices in the field that include: curriculum planning, organization, and coordination; instruction; administration and supervision; research and evaluation; history and philosophy; special populations; diversity; career development, career education, career pathways; technology preparation; and school-to-career transition.


The program is operational within the context of discovery, learning, and engagement. 

The graduate program is designed to prepare persons for careers in teacher education, research and evaluation, career and technical education administration, secondary and post-secondary teaching, local and state agencies (e.g., government), and public and private organizations (e.g., business/industry, consultants). The doctoral and master’s degrees, and a variety of certification/license (e.g., Director of Career and Technical Education) programs are offered.

Existing Research Programs

  • Integrating Academic and Technical Education
    • Generalizable (Transferable) Skills Instruction
  • Special Needs Populations
    • Public Policy
    • School-to-Career Transition
  • Leadership Development in Career and Technical Education
    • Program Evaluation and Follow-up
    • Effects of Local Program Improvement Initiatives
    • Longitudinal Impact of Leadership Training
  • Trade and Industrial Education
    • Teacher Supply and Demand


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