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Master of Science (MSEd) in English Education

Students typically—though not exclusively—seek a Master’s Degree in English Education in order to enhance their practice as secondary English teachers and/or to enter the PhD pipeline in order to expand future career pathways. Though a Master’s degree from any institution might serve the purpose of boosting salaries for teachers working in districts that (still) provide incentives for advanced degrees, a degree from Purdue conveys a level of integrity and rigor that both students and employers find meaningful and valuable.

This program has rolling admission. Incomplete applications are not reviewed.



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A. Foundational Coursework (15 hours)

I. Required Courses:

  • EDCI 50000: Foundations of Literacy & Language — Literacy & Language
  • EDCI 58500: Multicultural Education — Diversity
  • EDPS 53300: Introduction to Educational Research — Disciplined Inquiry

II. One of the following: (substitutions can be made upon consultation with your major professor)

  • EDCI 58000: Philosophy of Curriculum
  • EDST 50000: Philosophy of Education
  • EDST 50100: History of American Education
  • EDST 50600: History of Women’s Education
  • EDST 60000: Seminar in the Foundations of Education

III. One of the following: (substitutions can be made upon consultation with your major professor)

  • EDPS 53000: Advanced Educational Psychology
  • EDPS 53500: Personal-Social Dynamics in the Classroom
  • EDPS 54000: Gifted, Creative, and Talented Children
  • EDPS 59100G: Human Growth and Development
  • PSY 50200: Survey of Human Development

B. Literacy & Language and English Courses (9 hours)

English Education students are required to take 9 credits of coursework focused on English education or related topics of study. Suggested courses are as follows:

  • EDCI 50200: Reading in Middle and Secondary Schools
  • EDCI 50900: Writing in Middle and Secondary Schools
  • EDCI 55100: Young Adult Literature
  • EDCI 59500: Advanced Studies in English Education*
  • EDCI 61300: Seminar in English Language Arts*

*EDCI 59500: Advanced Studies in English Education and EDCI 61300: Seminar in English Language Arts are variable title courses that can be taken multiple times. Recent topics include Teacher Research; Classroom Discourse Analysis; Teaching Bodies; Reading the Midwest; and The Teacher in Fiction and Film.

C. Elective Courses (6 hours)

  • (consult with your advisor)
  • Students normally choose to use their 6 credits of electives for thesis writing.



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