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As of August 2019, the Indiana Department of Education issued a new requirement of a 30:1 ratio for ESLs to ESL TORs. In addition, all ESL TORs must have a minimum of one 3.0 credit course at an accredited and approved ESL licensing university. Whether you are an ESL educator or you are an administrator with ESL educators in your district, Purdue’s College of Education offers the course to ensure you are in compliance with the IDOE’s new requirement.

How does Purdue satisfy this TOR requirement?

The College of Education provides one of the only fully online courses to satisfy this new requirement and it can be completed in as short as 8 weeks to ensure you and your other educators are in compliance with new IDOE standards.

  • Purdue offers one course, English language development, with related practicums conducted in your classroom or school where English Learners are enrolled.
  • Length of time: 8 weeks intensive
  • Delivery: Online
  • Level: Graduate level and high quality

When is this one course offered?

Because the English language development course is offered in an 8 week intensive online format, there are numerous start times available to participants.

The 8 week TOR ELL course will take place in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 based on need and demand. For more information fill out the request form >

What are the steps to enroll in the English language development course?

  • Contact your district point person to facilitate contact with the IDOE’s division of English Language and Migrant Programs
  • Secure your name with district personnel and IDOE
  • Connect with your district personnel, work with Purdue Online to complete necessary enrollment steps
  • Requirements official e-transcripts and pdf copy of your teaching license which will be verified

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