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Face-to-face Master’s of Science (MSEd) in Literacy and Language Education

Purdue offers two main applications of study in English Language Learning:

  • The English Language Learning (ELL) Graduate Licensure Program provides teachers with the professional preparation to assist English language learners in developing their English language and academic skills in grades K-12.
  • The Teaching English Language Learners (TELL) K-12 Certificate provides students with a background in working with English Language Learners K-12. The certificate does not constitute a teaching license.

This program has rolling admission. Incomplete applications are not reviewed.



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Program Requirements

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Foundational Coursework – 15 hours

  • Human Development
    • PSYCH 50200: Survey of Human Development OR
    • PSYCH 55200: Development in Adolescence OR
    • EDPS 53500: Personal Social Dynamics in the Classroom OR
    • EDPS 62500: Human Growth and Development
  • Teaching and Learning and History and Philosophy of Education
    • EDCI 58000: Foundations of Curriculum OR
    • EDFA 50000: Philosophy of Education
  • Diversity
    • EDCI 58500: Multicultural Education
  • Research Methods in Education
    • EDPS 53300: Introduction to Educational Research
  • Language and Literacy Theory, Research, Teaching and Learning
    • EDCI 50000: Foundations of Literacy

English Language Learning (ELL) Courses* – 15 hours

All courses for the Graduate ELL Licensure Program, the TELL Certificate Program, and the ELL strand of the L&L master’s degree are offered in an 8-week format only (instead of a 16-week format).

  • EDCI 51900: Teaching English Language Learners (3 cr.) – (starts March 5, 2018)
  • EDCI 52600: Language Study for Educators (3 cr.) – (starts October 17, 2018)
  • EDCI 53000: English Language Development (3 cr.) – (starts August 20, 2018)
  • EDCI 55700: Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students (3 cr.) (starts July 9, 2018)
  • EDCI 55900: Academic Language and Content Area Learning (3 cr.) – (starts January 7, 2019)

*These courses are offered through the ELL graduate licensure program.

If you are a current licensed teacher in IN, you can enroll in this licensure program, see program requirements and information. After the completion of the ELL program requirements, you will obtain a license in English as a New Language. You can then take the additional 18 credit hours to receive your Master’s in Literacy and Language Education with a focus on ELL.

Elective Course – 3 hours (Consult with you advisor) Literacy and Language Coursework

  • Foundational Coursework – 15 hours
  • English Langauge Learning (ELL) Coursework – 12 hours
  • Elective Course – 3 hours
  • Total – 30 hours

Supplemental Program Information

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The master’s degree option is available for:

  • graduate students who plan to obtain a master’s degree and work toward a TELL Certificate (not teacher licensure) OR
  • teachers with a valid Indiana instructional license who plan to obtain a master’s degree and an ELL license.

Applicants accepted for master’s degree study will work with their faculty advisor to tailor a program to meet both the licensure requirements and the master’s degree requirements. Apart from the ELL courses, which are all online, other required courses for the MSEd are held on the Purdue West Lafayette campus.

There is a three-year time limit for completion of the ELL Licensure Program. This three-year time limit begins with the semester when the first required course is taken. Program completion includes: (a) completion of all course work with a passing grade, (b) completion of the e-portfolio requirement for the program, and (c) completion of the state’s content specialty test. A student who receives a grade of “D” or “F” in a licensure course may retake the course one time only; this does not change the 3-year time limit for completion of all licensure requirements. The P/NP option is not available.

The ELL license issued through Purdue University constitutes an addition to an existing instructional license; not a stand-alone teaching license. In order to be eligible for ELL licensure through Purdue University, applicants must possess a valid instructional license issued by the State of Indiana. Non-Indiana applicants are not guaranteed licensure in Indiana or any other state. State licensing rules and standards are always subject to change and as such, Purdue University is unable to safeguard that the ELL program will satisfy non-Indiana teacher licensing standards and rules.

To be as proactive as possible, all ELL licensure-seeking students require a transcript evaluation and credential review from the Office of Teacher Education and Licensure to verify possession of an official instructional license. Upon review, any applicant who does not hold a valid Indiana elementary, exceptional needs, or secondary instructional license will be required to submit written confirmation, on letterhead, from their state education agency verifying that completion of Purdue’s ELL Graduate Licensure Program will satisfy the student’s individual non-Indiana license configuration within the three-year timeline of the program.

This verification must be received by the end of the semester during which the student’s course work for the ELL Graduate Licensure Program is completed. If confirmation is not received, Purdue University will be unable to verify completion of the program for licensing purposes to any state-based educational agency, school district, or hiring agent. In the absence of a license, the student’s participation in the ELL program is solely defined as professional development and will not constitute teacher licensure.


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