Certificate of Gifted, Creative, and Talented Studies from the Department of Educational Studies

The Gifted, Creative, and Talented Studies Certificate Program (GCT) provides professional preparation to support and serve gifted, creative, and talented children and youth. The certificate does not constitute a teaching license, but posts to the student’s transcript as a program of study. Certified Indiana educators who wish to earn the GCT Certificate are eligible for High Ability Licensure upon completion of the program.

This program has rolling admissions. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.



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Application Requirements

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To complete the application you will need:

  • Transcripts (copy) – Official transcripts will need to be submitted before the end of the first semester.
  • Statement of Purpose – 300 – 500 word essay. Articulate how this program will help you obtain educational and career goals
  • Resume
  • English proficiency for international students.
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation

Program Requirements

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12 Credit Hours of Coursework

EDPS 54000: Gifted, Creative, and Talented Children

This course is an introduction to intellectual, social, and emotional characteristics of gifted youth and philosophies of gifted education. Multi-talent conceptions of giftedness, including intellectual, academic, creative, artistic, and leadership are addressed. Criteria for selecting instructional materials and methods are discussed, including the design of learning experiences for gifted, creative, and talented youth.

EDPS 54200: Curriculum and Program Development in Gifted Education

This course introduces curriculum development and program design for meeting the needs of gifted, creative, and talented students. Students will be exposed to established program and curriculum models, as well as the nuts and bolts of developing curricular plans, materials, and specialized programs that support the advanced learning needs of gifted students.
Prerequisite: EDPS 54000 and EDPS 54500

EDPS 54500: Social and Affective Development of Gifted Children

This course focuses on the social and emotional development of gifted, creative and talented students. An overview of the characteristics and needs of gifted subpopulations, diversity issues, and family/parenting concerns is provided, along with an introduction to current educational approaches and counseling interventions.
Prerequisite: EDPS 54000

EDPS 69500: Practicum in Gifted Education

The practicum in gifted education is offered through an asynchronous distance learning independent study format in order to facilitate individualization of assignments and relevance to students’ instructional settings. Students complete a variety of structured, self-directed activities that require students to develop more advanced skills and knowledge for supporting gifted, creative, and talented students. The practicum experience develops reflective practitioners who set goals for professional growth, evaluate their progress toward those goals, and continuously improve their ability to provide talent development opportunities to their students. This course requires students to work with high-ability children in an educational setting.
Pre-requisites: EDPS 54000, EDPS 54500, and EDPS 54200

Tuition and Fees

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Current Tuition Rates and Fees * In-State Out-of-State
Tuition Rate $329.05 $493.58
Technology Fee $7.55 $7.55
Repair and Rehabilitation Fee $11.25 $11.25
Purdue Online (PO) Fee $50.00 $50.00
Total Cost Per Credit Hour $397.85 $562.38
Total Program Cost $4,774.20 $6,748.56

*Tuition and fees are charges on a per credit hour basis and are subject to annual increase. Annual increases may change the total program cost.


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Clinical Assistant Professor, Associate Director of the Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) & High-ability Certificate/Licensure Advisor Educational Psychology & Research MethodologyEducational Studies
Work Phone: (765) 494-7252 Website: Vita


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gifteded@purdue.edu or by phone at 765-494-7241.
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