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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mathematics Education

The Ph.D. program emphasizes research and requires a written dissertation for completion. The program is individualized to meet the needs of graduate students. The student must develop, with the guidance from the major professor and committee, a program that is applicable to their background and interest. The average Ph.D. program requires 4-5 years beyond a master’s degree. The program is comprised of coursework in four major areas.

This residential program has rolling admission Applications must be fully complete and submitted (including all required materials) and all application fees paid prior to the deadline in order for applications to be considered and reviewed. For a list of all required materials for this program application, please see the “Admissions” section below.

  • July 1 is the deadline for Fall applications.
  • November 15 is the deadline for Spring applications.
  • March 15 is the deadline for Summer applications.

This program does not lead to licensure in the state of Indiana or elsewhere. Contact the College of Education Office of Teacher Education and Licensure (OTEL) at before continuing with program application if you have questions regarding licensure or contact your state Department of Education about how this program may translate to licensure in your state of residence.


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Application Instructions for the Mathematics Education PhD program from the Office of Graduate Studies:

In addition to a submitted application (and any applicable application fees paid), all completed materials must be submitted by the application deadline in order for an application to be considered complete and forwarded on to faculty and the Purdue Graduate School for review.

Here are the materials required for this application:

  • Transcripts (from all universities attended, including an earned bachelor’s degree from a college or university of recognized standing)
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • 3 Recommendations
  • Resume/CV
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Writing Sample
  • International Applicants must meet English Proficiency Requirements set by the Purdue Graduate School
  • Math Education Graduate Student Application Diversity Statement requirement:
    • One of the signature areas of Purdue’s College of Education is social justice. Therefore, we are very much interested in working with individuals who are committed to improving the educational opportunities for access and success of all students in science/STEM related fields through research. In addition, we seek to work with individuals who wish to promote a culturally inclusive learning environment where diverse perspectives and experiences are valued. To this end, and to help us appreciate your previous experiences and/or interests, please use the following prompt to write a 500-word diversity statement:

      Describe your leadership, work experience, service experience, or other significant involvement with members of communities who have been traditionally underrepresented in science/STEM related fields. Focus on sharing insights from your experiences and how these experiences influenced your teaching practice, research, professional goals and/or the way in which you now interact with individuals from different cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic backgrounds, language or language abilities, sexual orientations, gender expressions, physical abilities, and/or any other social group(s) different from your own. If you feel that you have not had much experience with social groups different from your own, please explain in what ways you think it is important for educators and researchers to take into account the growing cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic diversity in the U.S.

      NOTE: This mandatory Math Education Diversity Statement is a different requirement from the general Diversity Essay (if a U.S. High School graduate) that appears in the Slate admission application system.

We encourage prospective students to submit an application early, even if not all required materials are uploaded. Applications are not forwarded on for faculty review until all required materials are uploaded.

When submitting your application for this program, please select the following options:

  • Campus and Program Tab:
    • Select a Campus: Purdue West Lafayette (PWL)
    • Select your proposed graduate major: Curriculum and Instruction
  • First Choice Program Details Tab:
    • Please select an Area of Interest: Mathematics Education
    • Please select a Degree Objective: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    • Primary Course Delivery: Residential

Program Requirements

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I. Mathematics Education Courses (15 – 18 hours)

In mathematics education, students engage in courses that cover topics in the cognitive and cultural theories of learning and teaching mathematics, and the role of curriculum in mathematics education.

A three (3) course sequence is required that consists of:

  • EDCI 63500 – Goals and Content in Mathematics Education
  • EDCI 63600 – The Learning of Mathematics: Insights and Issues
  • EDCI 63700 – The Teaching of Mathematics: Insights and Issues

In addition, students are encouraged to take (6 – 9) hours of EDCI 620: Developing as a Mathematics Education Researcher

II. Mathematics Course Work (minimum 6 hours)

All students are required to take two graduate level mathematics courses at Purdue University. Students without a master’s level background in mathematics may be required to take more courses in mathematics. This will be determined by the student’s major professor and advisory committee.

III. Cognate (9 hours)

Students will take three graduate courses in a self-selected cognate area. Cognate area selection should be discussed with the student’s major professor and advisory committee. Possible cognate areas include: mathematics, psychology, philosophy, sociology, technology.

IV. Research Core Courses (15 hours)

All doctoral students in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction must complete five (5) courses from areas in research methodology and analysis before beginning their dissertation:

  • EDPS 53300 – Introduction to Research in Education
  • EDCI 61500 – Qualitative Research in Education
  • STAT 51100 – Introductory Statistics
  • Advance electives in either quantitative or qualitative methods

A list of specific courses and/or proficiency requirements may be obtained from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Office.


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Associate Professor Mathematics EducationCurriculum and Instruction
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Professor and Mary Endres Chair in Elementary Education Mathematics EducationCurriculum and Instruction
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Associate Professor Mathematics EducationCurriculum and Instruction
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