A Letter from our Leadership Team

College of Education faculty, staff, students, and alumni,

Events around our nation have reminded us yet again of the work that remains for all of us in creating a country where racism and bigotry are eliminated and where African American men and women, boys and girls, can live without fear. We are angered and saddened by the death o George Floyd, the victims who came before him, and those killed or otherwise harmed in the wake of Mr. Floyd’s death. We hurt with those who are hurting ad we pledge to continue to work toward a solution in which everyone is treated with civility and respect. Boilermakers must persist, now more than ever, to build a better world together. #purduetogetherWe support and amplify the message released from Purdue University on Monday, June 1 (graphic shared with this post). In addition, we share in the outrage and acknowledge the pain, anger, and anguish the black community is feeling on campus, in the community, and across the nation as a result of the senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Dreasjon Reed, and Ahmaud Arbery. These tragic events happened as the nation deals with horrific disproportional mortality among black and brown communities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We don’t have all the answers but we do promise that as a College, we will continue to learn, grow, and, ultimately, do better for our black students, faculty, staff, and alumni. It is time for us to stand united in our quest to do better, to be better.

If you are struggling as a result of the recent events, we are here to listen or to help you find the resources you need. Please feel free to call or email any of us.

We encourage each of you to take a moment and reach out to others, especially those of color. They are hurting. Let them know you support them. Let them know racism will not be tolerated.

We also encourage each of you to reflect and examine ways you can be an ally and help build a community of diversity through support, unity, and guidance. Our Office of Diversity Initiatives and Equity and Diversity Committee will be tasked with leading our College in important work this coming year to make our College, our community, stronger.

We are Boilermakers.

We persist and we will work to build a better world together.

#blacklivesmatter #purduetogether


The Administrative Council Leadership Team

  • Nancy Marchand-Martella, Suzi and Dale Gallagher Dean of Education
  • Kathryn Obenchain, Associate Dean for Learning, Engagement, and Global Initiatives
  • Wayne Wright, Associate Dean for Research, Graduate Programs, and Faculty Development
  • Janet Alsup, Department Head, Curriculum and Instruction; Interim Department Head, Educational Studies
  • Ayşe Çiftçi, Associate Department Head, Educational Studies
  • Jennifer Barce, Managing Director of Academic Services