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Indiana Instructional License

After holding a valid Indiana Proficient Practitioner/Standard/ or Provisional instructional license for five years and gaining valuable experience, you may be ready to professionalize your license at your next license renewal. Renewing and professionalizing will result in an Accomplished Practitioner Instructional license. This license will be valid for 10 years. To professionalize and renew your current Indiana instructional license, the following criteria are needed:

Indiana Administration License

Administrators who currently hold a valid Indiana administrative license may be interested in professionalizing when due for their next renewal. Renewing and professionalizing will result in an Accomplished Practitioner Administrative license. To professionalize and renew an administrative license, the following criteria are needed:

  • 60 hours of graduate coursework from an accredited institution in administration and related areas
  • Renewal coursework, OR an approved PGP, OR National Board Certification
  • Proof of five years administrative experience in an accredited school in the administrative area on the administrative license you seek to professionalize
  • Valid CPR/AED certification from an approved Indiana Department of Education approved provider that includes a hands-on skills/ in classroom demonstration

You will complete a profile, an application and pay for the application through the Indiana Department of Education’s online Licensing Verification and Information System, LVIS. If you have any questions regarding the renewal and professionalization of your license, please contact the Office of Teacher Education and Licensure through

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