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Articles from 11/2018
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Ignore fancy packaging this holiday season

November 29, 2018

Parents trying to find suitable gifts for their gifted and talented child must look beyond nice packaging or impressive features. Kristen Seward, associate director of the Gifted Education Research and Resource Institute at Purdue University, said appropriate toys and games provide gifted children with many of the experiences that characterize high-quality curriculum in their schools. […]

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News, Research

Fun and educational toys for children with autism

November 28, 2018

Several toys and games available this holiday season provide more than just fun for children dealing with autism spectrum disorders. Families shopping for holiday gifts have options that can build social skills and provide a foundation for communication skills, said Mandy Rispoli, co-director of the Purdue Autism Cluster. “Toys and games that promote turn-taking, perspective-taking […]

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Holiday gift ideas teach history, civics to children of all ages

November 8, 2018

With midterm elections finished, the James F. Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship at Purdue University is suggesting several gift ideas to help children begin understanding their place as citizens. The center, part of the College of Education, works to integrate civic education in K-12 classrooms with the goal of promoting active student involvement in their […]

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