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  • Building Level Administrator
    The Educational Leadership Building Level Licensure Program uses a hybrid model of in-person and on-line coursework for students interested in earning administrative licensure. The program provides a strong emphasis on student learning environments, community collaboration and development, educational policy, and management of organizations from an educational and business perspective. Students may complete additional coursework to earn an M.S. or Ed.S.
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  • English Language Learning
    The English Language Learning (ELL) additional licensure program Graduate Licensure Program provides teachers with the professional preparation to assist English language learners in developing their English language and academic skills in K through grade 12.
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  • High Ability
    The High Ability Licensure is an accreditation that provides educators who are certified to teach in Indiana with the professional preparation to support and serve high ability students in K through grade 12.
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  • Applied Behavior Analysis
    The Purdue University College of Education’s online certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis prepares future behavior analysts who apply the science of behavior analysis across educational systems. The 18-credit program can be completed in as little as 1 year and offers students the opportunity to choose between two options, fully online or a hybrid model (mix of online and face-to-face).
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  • Gifted, Creative and Talented Studies
    The GCT certificate is four online courses to build knowledge and skills to prepare you to work with high ability students in grades K-12. This is not a teaching license, but denoted on your transcript as a program of study. Certified Indiana educators who wish to earn the GCT Certificate are eligible for High Ability Licensure upon completion of the program.
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  • Dual Language Bilingual Education
    This 12 credit graduate certificate can be taken in partnership with the ESL Teaching license or by itself. If taken by itself, a total of 4 courses are needed. If taken in combination with ESL licensure courses, 7 courses or 21 credits are needed. The purpose of the dual language bilingual education (DLBE) graduate certificate is to address the growing need of schools and teachers in meeting the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students, including the rapidly growing English language learner student population, through the provision of high-quality dual language and other bilingual education programs. Dual language and other strong forms of bilingual education can be effective in helping all students develop high levels of bilingualism, biliteracy, and academic achievement while fostering students’ linguistic identities and rights.
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  • Teaching English Language Learners
    The Teaching English Language Learners K-12 Certificate (TELL) provides students who are currently enrolled in a doctoral or master’s program at Purdue University who have experience working with K-12 English Language Learners. The certificate does not constitute a teaching license, but posts to the student’s transcript as a separate area of work. If you are an Indiana teacher interested in adding an ESL teaching license to your current Indiana license, click here for our English Language Learning teacher license.
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  • Qualitative Research
    The purpose of the Qualitative Research certificate is to prepare graduate students to demonstrate competency in qualitative research through the knowledge, skills, and application of qualitative methods. This certificate brings together several courses in qualitative research design, methods, and theory designed to prepare graduate students to identify and apply multiple approaches to the study of qualitative research. Students in this certificate program will gain the knowledge to understand qualitative research in education, will develop the skills needed to engage in a variety of qualitative research approaches, and will be able to conduct qualitative research studies.
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  • Quantitative Research, Assessment and Evaluation in Education
    The Quantitative Research, Assessment, and Evaluation in Education Certificate allows students who are currently enrolled in a doctoral or Master’s program at Purdue University to build a sequence of educational statistics courses that fits their research interests.
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