FREE! Non-Credit Certificate in Building a Community of Diverse, Inclusive and Justice-Oriented Scholars through Engagement and Critical Perspectives

Add to your resume at no additional cost to you! Sign up for a free, non-credit certificate in Building a Community of Diverse, Inclusive and Justice-Oriented Scholars through Engagement and Critical Perspectives.  

This certification consists of four modules to be taken January 12th to May 4th, 2021.  

The certification program supports the College of Education’s efforts toward building a just, equitable, and diverse community, inclusive of all racial and ethnic minorities. The focus on anti-racist education that are suitable for current classroom teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, and the general Purdue community. 



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Program Information

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The modules address:

  1. Critical Theories to Race
  2. Critical Understandings of Immigration (Discrimination and Deficit Perspectives)
  3. Critical Understandings of ELLs
  4. Critical Approaches to Women and Gender

Each module will be active for one month with weekly assignments and discussions, culminating with a guest speaker forum. However, one module will run for three weeks instead of a month in order to allow for the completion of all modules in one semester.

These modules will not only diversify knowledge sharing, expanding perspectives and building solidarity around social change and justice, but also encourage culturally responsive pedagogies that respond to and resonate with cultural diversity and raise awareness about social justice, especially for pre-service and in-service teachers and the Purdue community.

  • Successfully completion of all modules will earn students a certificate of participation.
  • Current teachers can receive five Professional Growth Plan points per module for a total of 20 PGPs.

Goals and Outcomes

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Upon successful completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Understand critical theories currently used in research and foster appreciation of the various critical theoretical approaches
  • Critically examine current research through equity and social justice lens
  • Create a forum for safe, civil, and respectful conversations on diversity, inclusivity, and social justice
  • Build an appreciation of diversity among Purdue students and Purdue Community or your classroom

Assessment: Pass/Fail

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  • Criteria: Students must show reading and engagement with module materials through participation in discussions.
  • Students must turn in all assignments and reports on Activities for each module.
  • Students must be present and engage in conversation with guest speakers and peers on the focused topic of the module.
  • Students must complete final reflection papers and survey.

*Students must complete all four modules to earn the certificate.

Successfully completion of all modules in the PD course will earn students a certificate of participation. Teachers can receive 5 PGP points per module for a total of 20 PGP’s for the entire course.


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