Online Instructional Design Graduate Certificate

Discover all of the tools necessary to develop dynamic, focused training presentations. This 9 credit graduate certificate will give you the foundation you need to learn best practices for designing engaging learning by using the most current tools and techniques.  Students completing this online certificate can matriculate into the online MS Corporate Communication and Training. 



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Program Requirements

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Admissions Requirements

  • 3.0 GPA
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume
  • English Proficiency

Required Coursework

EDCI 53100 Learning Theory and Instructional Design

Focuses on the theoretical principles that contribute to the field of Instructional Design and how they can be applied to make the process more efficient, effective and appealing.

EDCI 57200 Learning System Design

Design effective learning strategies that are motivating, efficient and effective. Practical aspects of designing instructional learning systems in the classroom and workplace are addressed while completing project work.

EDCI 56900 Introduction to E-learning

This course examines how design and development of instruction are impacted by the use of the computer as delivery system. A primary focus is on effective learning design strategies for computer mediated instruction. Learners will identify and apply effective design with emphasis on project management, planning, and implementation issues. Education or training materials will be developed using appropriate authoring tools as determined by the instructional context.