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Qualitative Research Certificate

The Qualitative Research Certificate consists of four three-credit hour courses (12 credit hours) developed to prepare students and professionals to understand a broad and in-depth knowledge of qualitative research approaches and to conduct qualitative research studies.

Over recent years, qualitative research has been increasingly conducted and influential in educational research across disciplines.

The Qualitative Research Certificate with in the College of Education at Purdue University requires students obtain a minimum grade of B for each course while also maintaining an overall GPA for courses of 3.0/4.0.



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Required Courses

  • EDCI 61500: Qualitative Research Methods in Education (3 cr.)
    A course providing an introduction to qualitative research methods in education.
  • EDCI 61600: Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis in Educational Research (3 cr.)
    A course focused on collection and analysis of qualitative data
  • Elective #1: with focus on qualitative methods (3 cr.)
  • Elective #2: with focus on qualitative methods (3 cr.)
  • CAND 99100: Candidate (Must be registered as a candidate for graduation to receive the Certificate)
    Candidate registration should be completed through the Office of Graduate Studies when registering for the final course. Student must contact the office directly at Failure to register properly will result in a delay of being awarded the certificate
  • Elective Courses
    • EDCI 567: Action Research in Science Education
    • EDCI 59100: Research in International Contexts
    • EDCI 591: Technology for Qualitative Research
    • EDCI 612: Literacy Research Methodologies
    • ANTH 605: Seminar in Ethnographic Analysis
    • COM 584: Historical/Critical Research in Communication
    • HDFS 679: Qualitative Research on Families
    • TECH 697: Qualitative Research Methods in Technology Studies
    • WGSS 680: Feminist Theory
    • WGSS 682: Issues in Feminist Research and Methodology
    • Other elective courses may be approved (before completing) by the faculty advisor in the home department in conjunction with the Qualitative Research Certificate coordinator in the Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction


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