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Discovering and developing human potential

A community of learners dedicated to research, we are equally driven to use that knowledge to transform learning. We look for the connections between theory and practice, between science, technology and the humanities. Part of a public land-grant university, we are committed to using our scholarship to launch the future of education for all learners.

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Signature Areas

Our faculty are world-renowned educators and researchers whose scholarship spans a broad spectrum of topics. Woven throughout are two common threads: a commitment to P-12 STEM Education and to Social Justice and Diversity.

Research Symposium

Research Initiatives

Our educational research initiatives reflect the diverse, wide-ranging and often interdisciplinary interests of our renowned scholars and researchers. Learn more about the broad scope of topics relevant to the science of learning, teaching and education.

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Centers and Institutes

Centers and institutes within the college provide a rich environment for research and engagement initiatives around critical issues in education.

SLED Program Director


The intersection between research and practice is best demonstrated through collaborations with external partners. We work with schools and organizations locally, nationally and globally to address educational challenges, provide professional development and improve learning outcomes through innovative strategies.

Brown Bag Research Support

Research Support

There are people in the college and across the university who are committed to faculty success in research. Assistance in locating funding sources, writing and editing the grant proposal and preparing the budget are all at your disposal.