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Carla Johnson giving a presentation

College of Education Receives $24.5 Million Grant to Help Indiana Students Prepare for College Success

A project funded by a multimillion dollar federal grant will help more Indiana students make the step from middle school to postsecondary education. The statewide effort aims to strengthen academic preparation, college readiness and career guidance. Read more >

Are books going extinct? book cover

Will Books Go Extinct?

In this article from Purdue Alumnus, our faculty experts (as well as one alumna) talk high-tech delivery and pen and paper understanding. Read it now.

Video game presenters on stage

Some Video Games Beneficial to Learning, Professor Says

Parents, video games aren’t all bad. In this article, faculty member Bill Watson explains why.

African American History in classroom

Purdue Helps K-12 Teachers Incorporate African American History, Culture into Classrooms

Associate Professor Chrystal Johnson is co-director of an institute that brought 19 teachers to Purdue to learn how to blend African-American history with literature, information technology and digital humanities into their classrooms. Learn more.


Teachers Engineer Design-Based Science Projects at SLED Summer Institute

The SLED Institute (Science Learning through Engineering Design) lets teachers explore new methods of teaching Indiana math and science curriculum standards in a way that incorporates science inquiry activities and engineering design challenges. Teachers return to their classrooms with interactive activities they learned at SLED, such as designing and testing a door alarm and creating a sun-tracking system using a solar panel. Read about three teachers’ experiences at the SLED Summer Institute.

Girls in STEM education book cover

For Girls in STEM, a Chance to Bloom

College of Education faculty members are tackling the challenge of making science, technology, engineering and math (collectively known as STEM fields) more accessible to young students, and to girls in particular. The research of Brenda Capobianco, Eric Deemer and Carla Johnson is highlighted in “For Girls in STEM, a Chance to Bloom,” the cover story of the recent issue of Purdue Alumnus magazine. Read it now.