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Changing how teachers teach and students learn

We are a college of education in a scientific community. We cannot help but embody the spirit of discovery through science, mathematics, engineering and technology in our own work.  While we are surrounded by science, our land grant mission binds us to making education accessible and equitable for all students.  We are committed to removing barriers to quality education, to helping students achieve at the best of their ability and to providing the opportunities that education affords to all.

What distinguishes Purdue’s College of Education from other similar programs is an intentional, purposeful focus on two signature areas:  K-12 STEM Education and Social Justice and Diversity.

Student with Spacewalker book

K-12 STEM Education

Preparing teachers who can weave STEM subjects throughout their curriculum and introduce the concepts through real-world application. Our focus goes beyond the specific STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and math – to include literacy, social studies, problem-solving, critical thinking and communication.

African-American Heritage

Social Justice and Diversity

Education professionals are driven by a passion to improve human-helping, change the world and improve the human condition. Public education is a defining value of our nation. A current that runs through the college is a deep commitment to making education opportunities accessible and equitable for all learners.