Emergency Preparedness

In case of a fire alarm, immediately evacuate the building and proceed to the Emergency Assembly Area (Founder’s Park).

In case of an All Hazards Emergency Warning Siren, immediately seek shelter (Shelter In Place). “Shelter in place” means seeking immediate shelter inside a building or University residence. This course of action may need to be taken during a tornado, earthquake, release of hazardous materials in the outside air, or a civil disturbance. When you hear the sirens immediately go inside a building to a safe location and use all communication means available to find out more details about the emergency. Remain in place until police, fire, or other emergency response personnel provide additional guidance or tell you it is safe to leave.

Building Emergency Plan

Building Emergency Exits By Floor

All students, instructors and TAs are required to visit the diagram and exit instructions of the floor where their classes are held. Simply go to the appropriate link to review these diagrams.

Other Resources