Professional Development

Professional Development Portal for Educators

The Professional Development Portal is designed to provide a one stop shop for K-12 teachers, online instructors, and university instructors. 


This professional development portal offers training to educators at all levels. 

Expect to:

  • Distinguish yourself in the education industry with a superior credential from an institution with global recognition and impact.
  • Learn tools & highly relevant techniques for successfully implementing into industry standards.
  • Advance and network with an experienced and motivated peer group for mutual support, team exercises, and enhanced learning.

Included in this site are:

  • Online courses: Upon successful completion professional development hours (PGP)  and a certificate of completion are awarded for online courses. Individual registration for free or at a low cost.
  • Free Access to Articles: Free Access to Purdue faculty published articles. Purdue University is a tier-one research University. Learn what faculty are researching and how the research affects education. Publications may have fees associated with access.
  • Academic Programs: We recognize that graduate school is an investment of both time and money. Therefore, we work to stay value-priced as a university helping students get the most out of their dollar, and are consistently ranked among the “best value” colleges, providing a notable return on investment (ROI) for graduates. The College of Education offers a variety of online and hybrid courses, graduate certificates, masters, PhD, and licensure programs.
  • Workshops: K-12 Teacher workshops provide a lively environment mixing skill-building, creativity, and safety for future.

Professional Development Online Courses

For those successfully completing the online courses, a certificate of completion notating professional development hours will be awarded. Courses are developed and/or endorsed by Purdue faculty. The courses can be completed 100% online and at your own pace.

Understanding Grief of Children and Adolescents

Cost: $25
5 Professional Development Hours

Grief and bereavement is such a unique experience and is unique to each individual. This course is designed to help those that work with children and parents help youth understand death and the morning process.

The objectives of the course are:

  • Objective #1: Identify ways to discuss death with children.
  • Objective #2: Differentiate between Bereavement, Grief, and Mourning
  • Objective #3: Compare Mourning Theories

A certificate of completion awarding 5 professional development hours is available upon completion of the course.

Youth in Crisis: Suicide Prevention

Cost: $50 for non-Purdue students and staff

As of July 1, 2013, all individuals applying for an initial teaching license (includes instructional, student services and administrative licenses) are required to show evidence of successfully completing education and training on the prevention of child suicide and the recognition of signs that a student may be considering suicide. A certificate of completion is available upon completion of the course.

Best Practices for E-learning Days

Cost: $25
10 Professional Development Hours

This online course will aid teachers in designing an e-learning day management plan identifying best practices and creating e-learning days expectations and procedures.

The exercises will help you design a template for use in different content areas and give students an introduction to online tools that can aid in successful implementation of e-learning days.

  • Introduction video- The video will highlight innovative tools that educators have found to be useful for facilitating eLearning
  • Case study- Participants will be asked to read a case study outlining a specific e-learning day. They will be asked to consider how specific tools could be useful to facilitate the planned content.
  • Digital job aid- Participants will create a document that includes specific classes of tools and how they might be used to plan, facilitate, and evaluate e-learning days.

A certificate of completion awarding 10 professional development hours is available upon completion of the course.

Developing Students Strengths

Cost: $500
10 Professional Development Hours

Students who complete the course successfully receive 10 Professional Development Hours points. The Developing Student Strengths and Talents: Professional Development by GER2I online course contains ten total units:

  • Unit 1: Nature and Needs of Gifted, Creative, and Talented Children and Youth
  • Unit 2: Developing Talents in Underserved Populations
  • Unit 3: Curriculum Compacting
  • Unit 4: Schoolwide Enrichment Model-Reading
  • Unit 5: Inquiry and Reflective Practice
  • Unit 6: Differentiation in Language Arts and Mathematics
  • Unit 7: Student Focused Differentiation
  • Unit 8: Total School Cluster Grouping (TSCG)
  • Unit 9: Making Sense of Gifted Kids, and Helping Them Make Sense of Themselves
  • Unit 10: Assuring Challenge for All through Response to Intervention

A certificate of completion is available upon completion of each unit awarding 10 professional development hours.

Teaching ELL’s

Cost: $35
7 Professional Development Hours

The four modules in this short course provide a basic introduction to the foundations of teaching English language learners for pre-service and in-service teachers, including mainstream PK-12 teachers, English as a second language (ESL), English as a foreign language (EFL), English as a new language (ENL), English as an Additional Language (EAL), and bilingual education teachers. Teachers of world languages will also find the content applicable. These modules cover what teachers need to know about language, developing communicative competence, second language acquisition theories, teaching methods and approaches, oral language and literacy development, and assessment. A certificate of completion awarding 7 professional development hours is available upon completion of the course.

K-12 Co-Curricular Career Education

Cost: $25
15 Professional Development Hours

Through this online professional learning opportunity, you will explore three learning modules related to career navigation. Learn about career clusters in agriculture and consumer and family sciences. Completion of this online course will address the Professional Growth Points (PGP) requirements of HEA 1002. Teachers will also walk away with sample lessons plans practical for using in the classroom. A certificate of completion awarding 15 professional development hours is available upon completion of the course.

PoRTAL: Purdue Repository for Online Teaching and Learning

Cost: Free

The Purdue Repository for online Teaching and Learning (PoRTAL) digital repository is the go-to resource for anyone interested in online teaching and learning. Are you thinking about moving your courses to an online format? Are you already teaching online and looking for additional ways to engage your students? PoRTAL can help you improve your knowledge and skills as you seek to develop your online courses. Topics include: instructor strategies, course enhancement, pedagogy, active learning, sample tools, and policies to help make your job easier as an online instructor and your courses more engaging for your students.

K-8 Professional Development for Teachers – Indiana Science Initiative

Cost: Free
12 PGP’s available

Anyone who is new to the Indiana Science Initiative, including teachers, administrators, curriculum support personnel and volunteers. The no-cost, online modules provide an overview of the curriculum, how the kits are managed, and where to find resources. These modules will help you use the curriculum properly and understand how the rotation works. For questions, contact Jennifer or look at the Indiana Science Initiative website