Maymester in Tanzania


Maymester in Tanzania is a study abroad experience designed for elementary and secondary education students to earn 7-9 credits. The four-week program offers a range of unique and exciting experiences, including living on the Indian Ocean, immersion in Tanzanian language and culture, teaching in local schools, and a four-day safari to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.

Courses offered:

* Mathematics in the Secondary School


* El Ed Social Studies


* African Literature


* History, Culture & Language in Tanzania


* Education in Tanzania


* Global Studies Seminar



U.S Department of State Information about Tanzania


Check out for U.S. Department of State information about Tanzania.



Program Requirements


In an effort to provide the opportunity for a wide range of students to participate in the Tanzania study abroad program, students' prior experiences will be considered on a case-by-case basis.



Applying for the Program


Students must apply to the program by providing the following materials to the program leader (Jill Newton -

  1. A statement from his/her advisor attesting to good academic standing and a lack of disciplinary or dispositional write-ups.
  2. The names of two Purdue professors who are willing to serve as references.
  3. A brief statement of no more than one page explaining his/her interest in the Tanzania program. Students must also meet with the program leader by arranging an individual meeting before acceptance.

Program acceptance is dependent on a favorable report from the student advisor, strong recommendations from professors, an acceptable written statement and a positive meeting with the program leader.