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Student Teaching Experience

You can choose where you complete your student teaching. You’ll have the opportunity to select your top three placement preferences during the application process, and our office will make every effort to get you your number one choice.

More than half of our students choose to stay near Purdue’s campus. But if you’re looking for an adventurous experience, consider our student teaching options at Aldine School District in Houston, Texas; in Honduras; on Native American reservations in Arizona or New Mexico; or on a Department of Defense military base in Germany.

We also have student teaching partnerships with Fort Wayne Community Schools, Indianapolis Public Schools and Chicago Public Schools.

What it’s like to be a student teacher

Our program uses the co-teaching model. This means that you’ll work closely with your cooperating teacher in all aspects of the teaching experience. You’ll be actively engaged with students from the first day of your student teaching experience, and your students will benefit from two teachers’ energy, attention, instruction and feedback.

You’ll also plan curriculum with your cooperating teacher. This means that you’ll have a great model of everything that goes into the planning process. You’ll learn how to work with school personnel like aides, resource teachers, and even parent volunteers, all with guidance and feedback from your cooperating teacher.

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