About the TRC

The Technology Resources Center (TRC) is a multifaceted initiative of the College of Education at Purdue University. It encompasses several functions which together create a focal point through which faculty, students, and staff can explore, discover, and use technology in teaching and learning.

The TRC is:

  • A physical space, located in room 3287 of the Beering hall of Liberal Arts and Education, where a variety of information resources and teaching/learning technologies are housed;
  • A place for Purdue Teacher Education Students to study, review educational books and materials, create electronic portfolio artifacts, and engage in computer-based learning activities.
  • A faculty, student, and staff support and training operation that helps individuals to learn about and effectively utilize educational technology; A cutting edge demonstration center that showcases the latest applications of technology in teaching, learning, and information retrieval.

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What is the TRC vision?

In the common vernacular, technology often is equated with machines or other physical things, that is, with the hardware of a particular field. School-based technology, in this view, means computers. To be sure, these things are important.

However, a proper and broader definition of technology refers to the application of scientific or other organized knowledge to practical tasks. In education, we concern ourselves with the application of basic knowledge about effective pedagogy and the ways that people learn. It is in this sense that we view the Technology Resources Center. It is a vehicle through which educational research and theory can be translated into practice.

Today, technology promises to transform the educational enterprise. Not only do we know more about teaching and learning than ever before, but the means to apply that knowledge have changed dramatically. The tools at hand, particularly personal computers, are revolutionary in their potential. They are forcing us to reconceptualize what we mean by education and schooling. While we have witnessed little change in the last 100 years, education in the 21st century may be very different. The TRC allows us to explore the options of the future in the present.

We view educational technology as empowering education in all settings and with all types of learners. It provides a systematic means of applying knowledge of human learning to the practical problems of teaching and learning. In addition, the hardware associated with educational technology offers significant advantages. Gears and levers are machines that amplify human muscle power; computers and related devices amplify the human intellect. These are the tools of the TRC.

The TRC enables faculty, students, and staff to experience and to participate in the development of future-looking educational technologies, emerging teaching models, and new approaches to teaching through:

  • Extensive use of networked systems for knowledge transfer within the TRC facility,
  • Seminars and training sessions that focus on empowering individuals to make effective and efficient use of technology,
  • Demonstrations of the latest applications of multimedia, optical data storage and retrieval, distance learning, and other forms of educational technology,
  • Support for faculty development projects that translate research into practice, and
  • An engagement program that links the TRC to K-12 schools, the community at large, and business/industry.

Realizing the vision

Realizing the vision for the Technology Resources Center (TRC) will take a concerted effort involving many individuals and groups. We seek to create a state-of-the-art facility and a first-rate operation that will showcase education at Purdue University and help us to better serve the community, state, nation, and world.

We seek to promote a vision of educational restructuring involving collaboration. To this effort, we bring a new facility that services hundreds of students and a faculty with a wealth of content area and pedagogical expertise as well as a number of creative ideas for fostering educational improvements. We want to further the vision of the TRC through:

  • The establishment of partnerships and sponsorships with businesses and other organizations interested in improving education;
  • Donations of state-of-the-art hardware and software that can be used by students, faculty, and staff;
  • The development of on-going funding relationships with foundations, corporations, and outside funding agencies; and,
  • Gifts from private individuals.

The revolution is of ideas, not of technology. It consists of new understandings of specific subject matter domains and in new understandings of the process of learning itself. It consists of a new and much more ambitious setting of the sights of educational aspiration.

Seymour Papert

Contact the Technology Resource Center at (765) 494-5677 or by email at trc@purdue.edu.
Beering Hall Room 3287