TRC Policies

The Purdue University College of Education reserves the right to update and revise TRC policies at any time, without prior notice, by posting the revised version.


All patron information gathered by the Technology Resources Center (TRC) is for the sole purpose of TRC record keeping and will be kept confidential. Patron information will never be used outside of the TRC except as needed for encumbrance / registrar activities, or for accounts receivable claims for lost or damaged TRC materials. All TRC employees agree to this policy.


No backpacks, bags, etc. will be allowed in the book stack areas. These items must remain in the computer lab area. Restricted areas are clearly marked.

Checkout Policy

TRC materials and equipment may be checked out by faculty, staff, and students who are actively affiliated with the Purdue College of Education or the Purdue Teacher Education Program.

Patrons must show a valid Purdue ID to check out any items from the TRC.

TRC materials and equipment exist to support the activities of the Purdue College of Education and the Purdue Teacher Education Program. By checking out resources from the TRC, patrons agree to use them for Purdue related activity. TRC resources may not be checked out or used for personal or non-Purdue related activities.

Members of the community not affiliated with the Purdue College of Education or the Purdue Teacher Education Program are welcome to browse the TRC collection. However, they are not eligible to check out equipment or materials from the TRC library.

Non-equipment items can generally be checked for a period of 2 weeks.

Equipment can be checked out for a period of one week. Due to the high demand for equipment, exceptions cannot be made to this policy. Equipment must be physically returned to the TRC after the one week checkout. If, at that time, the equipment is not reserved by another patron, equipment can be checked out again for one week. All equipment must be returned in the same condition in which it was checked out.

A College of Education faculty member signature is required for all equipment being picked up by undergraduate students.  This is not required for graduate students.  The COE faculty member who signs for equipment picked up by an undergraduate student agrees to be responsible for any and all damages or lost pieces of equipment.  COE graduate students may not sign for undergraduate students. COE gradaute students are responsible for any and all damages or lost pieces of equipment that they checked out.

By signing the equipment liability form, you agree to replace any equipment that is lost or stolen while in your possession. The TRC does not have funding to replace lost or stolen equipment. TRC equipment has been lost/stolen in the past, and patrons have purchased replacement equipment. So please be very careful with TRC equipment. Do not loan it to anyone else or leave it unattended in a public place while it is in your possession.

Only the patron who signs the equipment agreement form may checkout the materials listed above. Responsibility for equipment may not be transferred to another patron.

TRC equipment, software, and media must be used in accordance with copyright laws and applicable license agreements.

See available equipment for checkout >

How many items can be checked out?

Valid TRC patrons may checkout up to 6 non-equipment items for a period of 2 weeks.

Non-equipment items include the following:

  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Manipulatives
  • Software

Equipment may be checked out for a period of 1 week.

Renewing materials

Materials (excluding equipment) may be renewed for one additional 2 week period if no other students are waiting on these same materials.

TRC materials may be renewed by:

  • Using the TRC web site renewal option
  • Come in and renew materials in person
  • Email Request

When renewing any materials remember to give your name and student ID number in order for us to keep accurate records.

Overdue books and materials

Materials may be checked out for 2 full weeks. If materials are not returned by the due date your name will appear on the overdue list. A student returning overdue books will be unable to checkout any materials for one week from the day the materials are returned. Grades will be encumbered for all materials not returned. If items are excessively overdue, checkout privileges may be restricted for 30 days or more.

For your convenience we offer an after hours drop-box.

Lost/stolen/destroyed materials

If materials are lost, stolen, or destroyed while checked out to a TRC the patron, the patron who checked out the materials will be responsible for reimbursing the TRC for the full cost of the item(s) + a $10.00 replacement handling fee per item. Patrons will be unable to checkout any materials from TRC until reimbursement is made for lost, stolen, or destroyed items. Grades will be encumbered for all materials not returned.

The Ellison letter press

The TRC has an Ellison Letter Press for use by patrons. There is no charge for using the press. Please bring your own construction paper or material. This device is commonly used for creating classroom bulletin boards.

Bulletin board paper

The TRC offers bulletin board paper to select TRC patrons.  Bulletin board paper, located in the TRC art room, is to be used in support of the College of Education and academic programs within the Purdue Teacher Education Program.  Patrons who qualify to use bulletin board paper must be actively enrolled in an Education course or affiliated with a College of Education department (as faculty, staff or student).  A log sheet must be completed prior to obtaining any quantity of paper.  Please see one of our TRC staff members for assistance with completing a log entry.  We ask that qualified patrons take only the amount of paper needed for a class assignment or departmental project, and limit the total quantity to no more than 10 feet.  This amount will cover one large bulletin board and should be sufficient for most needs.  Abiding by this policy will help the TRC continue to make efficient use of our limited funding and offer this resource to current and future Teacher Education students and staff.

Reserve material & copyright policy

Due to photo copier mechanical failures and long lines at the photo copier, guidelines have been established for (a) the placement of reserve materials in the TRC and (b) photocopying in the TRC. As a result of extremely large volumes of reserve materials being placed in the TRC by COE instructors, our photocopier has been pushed beyond its design limits. In addition, due to increasing copyright concerns from Purdue University administration, we are now requesting that all materials placed in the TRC for purposes of photo-copying be deliberately verified by the instructor for legal copyright usage.

If you wish to leave reserve materials in the TRC, please provide the following:

  • A copy of your course syllabus
  • Each article or reading assignment in its own manila folder with course information and date on the label
  • A written statement from you indicating that you have resolved all legal issues related to the material that you are asking the TRC to store and your students to photo-copy including written permission that you may have received from publishers or authors. Contact Donna L. Ferullo, Director of the University Copyright Office for assistance if needed.
  • As a common courtesy, we ask that no more than a combined total of 100 pages per instructor for all materials and courses should be submitted to the TRC for the purpose of photo copying (see below).

When submitting a folder please label it using the following template:

  • If you plan to progressively submit materials throughout the semester, please provide a new folder for each handout. There have been many problems when this procedure is not followed.
  • Please pick up the file by the last day of your course. There is limited space in the TRC, and we cannot store files for courses that are not currently being taught. All leftover materials will be removed at the end of each semester.
  • The TRC accepts the following materials for student’s reserve use: readings, brief articles, books, journals, videos, and software.
  • If you need to distribute more than a 100 pages for students to photo-copy (for all your courses combined), you should create a supplemental course packet. Course packets are typically handled by a copy center or other outside copy service. Since our small consumer copier in the TRC cannot handle a large volume of copying, we ask that instructors use copy centers that are designed for high volume copying. The Boiler Copy Center in the Unioncan both house your reserve materials and photocopy them for students.
  • Students should not copy entire books or other materials protected by copyright. You must be able to prove legal permission from either the author or publisher for all materials placed in the TRC by you for students to photo copy.
  • If you are placing materials in the TRC because local copy centers will not photo copy them for you due to legal issues, please do not use the TRC to avoid copyright legality issues! This could jeopardize the TRC and expose the COE to copyright infringement liability. Please take the time to contact authors and publishers for permission.
  • Copies are available to students at the rate of $0.05 cents per page. We accept cash or check as payment, but not copy cards or boiler express cards.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for helping us address these important TRC issues!

Contact the Technology Resource Center at (765) 494-5677 or by email at
Beering Hall Room 3287