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TSCG Overview

The Total School Cluster Grouping Model (TSCG) is a specific, research-based, total-school application of cluster grouping combined with differentiation, focused on meeting the needs of students identified as gifted, while also improving teaching, learning, and achievement of all students. Research on TSCG has shown that student achievement increases, teachers widely implement gifted education strategies with all students, and more students are identified as high-achieving and fewer students are identified as low-achieving. Recent research has also shown that TSCG improves achievement and increases the numbers of students identified as gifted who come from economically disadvantaged families and from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Project Goals

  • To increase the number of students from underrepresented groups, who, over time are identified as gifted;
  • To increase student achievement in reading, math, and science;
  • To improve teacher practices by helping teachers learn to use gifted education strategies.

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TCSG Design

An experimental design with random assignment to treatment or control is being used. Treatment effects will be examined using a 3-level growth-curve model to explore specific school, group, and individual differences as well as to discern whether the individual growth of students in the treatment program is greater than that of the control group. Comparing the growth curves of the treatment and control groups will allow determination of treatment effectiveness. Teacher perceptions and practices will also be assessed both quantitatively and qualitatively at treatment and control sites.

Online Staff Development

  • Nature and Needs of Gifted, Creative, and Talented Children
  • Underserved Populations
  • Curriculum Compacting
  • Schoolwide Enrichment Model-Reading
  • Inquiry and Reflective Practice
  • Differentiation in the Language Arts and Mathematics
  • Student-Focused Differentiation
  • TSCG
  • Counselor Module
  • Response to Intervention
  • Sample

    Participants include all students and teachers from 100 elementary schools from districts in GA, IN, IL, MN, OH, SC, WA, and WI.


  • Year 1: Site selection, leadership training, baseline data

  • Year 2 & 3: Treatment site implementation, teacher training, identification and achievement data gathered from treatment and control sites

  • Year 3 - End: Control site leadership training

  • Year 4 & 5: Control implementation, data gathered from

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