Clinical Experiences FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I complete or update my criminal history check?

Please use the following site:

You will need to use the code PU12 for your first one, and then PU12re for each annual renewal.

Criminal background check policy

2. When should I apply for student teaching?

The application needs to be completed in January the year before you plan to student teach. Please make sure you are signed up for and receiving TEACHED emails. You will receive instructions on how to create an account and information about the application workshop via email. If you think you’ve already missed it – contact the Office of Clinical Practice as soon as possible.

3. Where can I student teach?

Most student teachers are placed in Tippecanoe County (Purdue area) and the six surrounding counties. We also have special partnerships with Indianapolis Public Schools, Jefferson County, and Chicago Public Schools. If you want an adventurous experience, be sure to explore our options in Houston, Texas; Native American reservations in New Mexico or Arizona; Honduras; or with a Department of Defense school in Germany. Please note that the special option choices vary by program.

You will have the opportunity to select your top three placement preferences during the application process, and our office will make every effort to get you your number one choice.

4. How will I find out about my placement?

You will receive a direct placement confirmation email from the Office of Clinical Practice, shortly after your official paperwork arrives. All school corporations work on different timelines; some placements come back to us in just a few days and other take months. We promise to contact you if there is an issue and to notify you with placement news as soon as possible!

5. Where do I go for help?

Beering 3229
(765) 494-2345
We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about this important component of your professional development!