Urban Experience in Indianapolis Public Schools

If you’re interested in teaching in an urban environment, you would enjoy our Urban Field Experience in Indianapolis Public Schools. During Purdue’s Fall break, you will spend 2-3 school days collaborating with an Indianapolis Public School teacher.

Lew Wallace should be proud of how they present themselves and how much of an impact they have made on my teaching viewpoints. Lew Wallace taught me about culture, having a great support system amongst faculty, having a relationship with the principal and students, and how beautiful of a community Lew Wallace truly is. I felt comfortable being in the school, I felt even more comfortable and welcomed in Mrs. Raynor’s classroom and being around her students.

Lexi Gutierrez

Ms. Gutierrez was an absolute pleasure to have in my classroom! She was instantly willing and ready to jump in, and was working with students from start to finish everyday. I would love having her back in my classroom. She will make an exceptional educator some day!

Mrs. Raynor Lew Wallace Elementary School