Northern Europe Maymester Study Abroad Program

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This 9 credit maymester program is the only program on campus that takes you to 3 countries: Russia, Estonia, and Finland.

Program Information

The Educational Maymester in Northern Europe (EMNE) is a nine-credit-hour, study-abroad program that includes three courses: EDCI 423/490 Social Studies Methods in the Secondary School, EDCI 491 Comparative and International Education, and EDCI 490 Seminar in Russian and European History.

EMNE is one of the oldest, most stable and sustainable programs in College of Education. It started in 2002 as the Educational Maymester in Russia study-abroad program and has been offered every summer since. Five COE faculty (Dr. Lynn Nelson, Dr. Charles Elster, Dr. Bev Cox, Dr. Dr. Inna Abramova, and Dr. Anatoli Rapoport) and a number of international faculty (Dr. Avinskaya and Dr. Chistyakova from Russia, Prof. Elisa Heimovaara from Finland, and Ms. Merje Kuusik from Estonia) have served as instructors for this program. The primary locations are St. Petersburg (Russia), Tallinn (Estonia), and Helsinki (Finland). We will also have side trips to Moscow and summer Imperial Residences in Peterhoff and Pushkin.

The tentative dates of the program are May 12 – May 30.

Estimated Program Costs



Program Fee
Russian Visa + visa processing
International Medical Insurance
ISIC (International Student Identification Card)



Financial Aid & Scholarships

There are numerous financial aid and scholarship opportunities offered by Purdue University to cover some or all of the costs for study abroad programs.

Academic Information

EMNE offers 3 courses/9 credit hours that can be taken for undergraduate (400 level course) or graduate (500-600 level course) credits.

  • EDCI 423/624 Social Studies Methods in the Secondary School (3 credit hours),
  • EDCI 491/591 Comparative and International Education (3 credit hours),
  • EDCI 490/590 Seminar in Russian and European History (3 credit hours).

EDCI 423 and EDCI 491 will be taught every day (except weekends) 9:00 am -1:00 pm. These two courses will also include visits to schools and universities, meetings with faculty and students in Russia and Estonia.
EDCI 490 will be conducted in historical settings during museum visits and tours to historical and cultural sites in Russia, Estonia, and Finland.

Program participants will be able to submit their course works electronically after the end of the trip.

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