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The Office of Diversity Initiatives strives to:

  • Build a community of diversity through support, unity and guidance within Teacher Education
  • Develop strategies that will recruit and retain underrepresented students in Teacher Education
  • Provide programming the will increase awareness of diversity and inclusion of all cultures through strategically planning, developing, implementing and supporting initiatives designed to enhance the climate related to diversity for students

Office programming includes:

Holmes Scholars Program

The Holmes Scholars Program supports students from historically underrepresented communities enrolled in doctoral programs in education.


S.E.E.D. serves as an organization which supports and cultivates multiculturalism within the Teacher Education Program.

BoilerMENTOR Program

In the BoilerMENTOR program, first-year students are connected with a peer mentor within the College of Education to assist first-year students in completing their academic goals.


Meet the Staff

Shana Jones
Director of Diversity Initiatives
Email: shanajones@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-496-6272
Room: BRNG 3210