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Undergraduate Majors

The College of Education is the hub of teacher education at Purdue. Seventeen undergraduate majors are part of a collaborative teacher education program organized across six colleges with shared curriculum goals and jointly-appointed faculty.

Each of these majors leads to a bachelor’s degree, and if you meet all of the requirements and deadlines, licensure in the state of Indiana. If you’re interested in becoming a licensed teacher in one of these subjects, click the link below for more details.

Majors in the College of EducationMajors in Partner CollegesNon-Licensure Education MajorsOther Opportunities

Other Opportunities

Challenge Yourself

No matter what major you choose, there are more opportunities to challenge yourself at Purdue. For students who want to become a part of a vibrant intellectual and residential community of young scholars, consider also applying to the Honors College. If you are interested in academic research, you can gain invaluable experience in the Undergraduate Research Training Program (URT).

The College of Education also offers a Certificate in Collaborative Leadership (CCL) in which students learn many useful management skills. Such skills include team-building, empowerment of others and identifying and capitalizing on human resources to reach goals. The CCL is available campus-wide and consists of just 3-credit bearing courses.

Already have a bachelor’s degree and want to become a teacher? Request a transcript evaluation and credential review to find out what coursework you’ll need to complete.