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“To create schools where all children learn to read and write, schools must become sites where teachers more often work collegially in a problem-solving framework focused on improving instructional practice…Creating such support for teacher professional development is the first step toward creating that school where all children become readers and writers.”
– Allington and Cunningham, 1996, Schools That Work: Where All Children Read and Write.

Customized Professional Development

Customized, or Designed, Professional Development partners a CLEAR professional development specialist with a school or district who requests individualized, ongoing professional development opportunities on-site. The CLEAR instructor and school or district administrators work together to design professional development opportunities for specific teacher and student populations. The CLEAR instructor travels to the school to provide individualized workshops, demonstration lessons in classrooms, and visits with teachers and administrators. A combination of on-site instruction and online distance training is available.

For Administrators

In addition to designed customized professional development for teachers, CLEAR provides professional learning for administrators to help them develop a school learning culture for teachers and children. Administrators learn about literacy leadership, components for successful literacy teaching, and developing a more engaging learning culture in their schools.

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For Teachers

CLEAR’s goal is to provide K-12 teachers across content areas, as well as administrators, with high quality professional development that not only builds participants’ knowledge and skills related to literacy, but does so in a sustainable, supportive way. Most of our training opportunities occur over multiple days to give participants time to implement strategies and practices in their classrooms, then reflect and problem solve with workshop leaders to solidify understandings and truly impact instruction. We know that the long-term relationships that CLEAR builds with educators make the greatest impact. As you think about the specific areas that would benefit from additional services, support, or resources, please consider how CLEAR might work with you and your colleagues onsite at your school or district to design professional development that meets your unique needs.

NOTE: Purdue University no longer trains Reading Recovery Teachers.

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Literacy Coach Training

Schools that are building their Leadership Team might want to send their instructional leaders to K-12 Literacy Coach Training. Participants who wish to attain an in-depth understanding of the literacy process and how to support fellow teachers in their practice would benefit from this series. Utilizing the inquiry approach, literacy coaches will learn how to engage in thoughtful dialogue with colleagues to facilitate effective classroom practices that lead to increased student motivation and achievement. Participants in this training will also spend time analyzing, interpreting, and reflecting on student data, including assessment and observational, to better inform instruction.

A new cohort is forming for now! Contact us today for more information or to register.

Literacy Coach Learning Retreat (show/hide)

"As a new coach at a new school, I felt incredibly overwhelmed before meeting with CLEAR for literacy training. After a week of readings and discussion, critical thinking, and looking at real-world applications for what we have practiced, I feel much more comfortable stepping into my new role."

Kendra McPheeters-Neal
Literacy Coach - Lowell High School

Contact CLEAR at (765) 494-5683 or by email at clear-office@purdue.edu