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Speaker for the Ackerman Center

James F. Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship

James F. Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship strives to be a national leader in preparing new generations of American citizens. The focus is to provide programs, institutes, activities and resources for educators to implement more powerful citizenship programs and opportunities that result in active student involvement in schools and communities.

Students using chemicals

Center for Advancing the Teaching and Learning of STEM (CATALYST)

Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning of STEM (CATALYST), reconfigured from what was formerly known as CRESME, focuses on improving STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education for students from preschool to college. The center seeks to develop and research approaches to integrated STEM education.


Center for Literacy Education and Research (CLEAR)

CLEAR involves a comprehensive and wide-ranging collaboration with schools and is working to develop a research agenda with affiliated faculty who are interested in scholarly pursuits such as evaluating methods, documenting effectiveness, and exploring the processes involved in literacy learning, development, and instruction.

Children using a laptop

Evaluation and Learning Research Center (ELRC)

The ELRC, a recognized national and international leader in education research and evaluation, collaborates with and provides expert grant preparation and evaluation resources to faculty in all colleges across Purdue University. The professional staff provide trusted and effective grant proposal development with the aim of producing highly competitive proposals. The ELRC continues much of the work of the former Discovery Learning Research Center.

GER2I children posing for a picture

Gifted Education Research and Resource Institute (GER2I)

The Gifted Education Research and Resource Institute (GER2I) works to further the development of gifts and talents in individuals throughout the lifespan. GER2I conducts research on the psychology of talent development, trains professionals from all nations of the world to promote the development of individuals who have gifts and talents, and provides services to talented individuals and their families.

Speaker for the Purdue Center for Serious Games and Learning

Purdue Center for Serious Games and Learning in Virtual Environments

The Purdue Center for Serious Games and Learning in Virtual Environments‘ mission is to provide support for implementing, designing and developing serious games and virtual environments for learning; to encourage collaboration across Purdue and with K-12 schools; and, to establish a foundation for securing funding and conducting research at Purdue on the use of serious games and virtual learning environments in education. Visit the center on Facebook.

Faculty for the Purdue Counseling and Guidance Center

Purdue Counseling and Guidance Center

The Counseling and Guidance Center is the counseling service and training facility for the College of Education on the Purdue University campus. Our services are available to University students and staff, to high school students, and to adults in the community at large.

Students using the Technology Resources Center

Technology Resources Center (TRC)

The Technology Resources Center (TRC) is a multifaceted initiative of the College of Education. It encompasses several functions which together create a focal point through which faculty, students, and staff can explore, discover, and use technology in teaching and learning.