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Looking to the next 150 years

May 8, 2019

The sesquicentennial celebration marks a time for Purdue to renew its commitment to growth, discovery and innovation. What giant leaps will the next 150 years bring as Purdue continues its drive to meet the world’s future challenges? In this monthly Purdue Today series, Purdue’s deans will share their thoughts on the future of their college over the next 150 years. The series continues with Nancy E. Marchand-Martella, dean of the College of Education.

Nancy Marchand-Martella, Suzi and Dale Gallagher Dean of Education
Dean of Education – Nancy Marchand-Martella

What will the next 150 years bring for the College of Education?

The College of Education is well positioned to tackle the challenges the next 150 years will bring and turn them into opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. John Purdue believed education was the flame that lit the world, and we take that belief very seriously. We are committed to removing barriers to quality education and to helping our students achieve at the best of their abilities.

The next 150 years will bring new opportunities in the preparation of teachers, educational leaders and mental health professionals. Students at all levels in Indiana and beyond will likely need increased levels of support in academics and behavior. The needs of K-12 students will drive changes in how we prepare Purdue students related to clinical experiences, induction and mentoring programs, and coursework in classroom/behavior management, academic differentiation, social-emotional learning, and critical thinking. Many K-12 students in the years ahead will become Boilermakers who study education, liberal arts, health and human sciences, agriculture, engineering, pharmacy, veterinary sciences, technology, management and science. Purdue deserves students who are college-ready, and College of Education graduates will ensure they are prepared.

Additionally, the next 150 years will bring new opportunities in the preparation of educational professionals. Individuals who seek graduate work may not have easy access to quality programs due to distance or employment issues. They deserve the same rigorous programs they have grown to expect from Purdue. Online instructional certificates and programs that provide sequenced coursework, opportunities to connect with faculty and fellow students, and extension of knowledge and skills to promote 21st century preparation are needed. Ensuring we produce instructional design experts and leaders in applied behavior analysis, curriculum and instruction, English Language Learners, special education, higher education, STEM, counseling and other areas of education is our goal.

Finally, the next 150 years will bring new opportunities in the continued preparation of those who are immersed in the data sciences. Educators prepared for 21st century challenges will need specialized skills in quantitative and qualitative methods and procedures required for data analyses, assessment and evaluation in educational and social science research and practice. Our goal is to transform learning and teaching and to inform policy. We seek innovative ways of delivering these programs to ensure solid preparation in the data sciences.

We take these responsibilities seriously and will continue to do so in the next 150 years. Our community of learners fosters the curiosity and motivation of people who want to create lasting change. This passion will persist throughout the next 150 years. We will continue to be an exciting place to learn and to create new knowledge. We will continue to advocate for all learners and to make education accessible and equitable for everyone, removing the barriers to quality education.

Together, we will carry the torch that lights the world to ensure that education is held to the highest standard over the next 150 years.

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